UHS Student Receives Girl Scouts Gold Award

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Carolyn Pascal recently received the Girl Scouts Gold Award, and she is planning an Educate Girls Superhero 5K Race on Nov. 10 to raise fund for girls in impoverished countries.

Carolyn Pascal, 16, a junior at Urbana High School, recently received the Girl Scouts Gold Award for her work to end hunger in the Urbana community and across the globe. The Gold Award, the highest and most prestigious of the Girl Scouts awards, is earned by only 5 percent of eligible Girl Scouts each year. Pascal is passionate about making the world a better place by fighting for social justice for all. In fact, she has been working to end hunger since she was 12 years old.

In the last three years, Pascal has hosted 20 community outreach events informing the community about hunger, collecting more than 3,500 urgently needed items for the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank, and inspiring more than 200 community members to remain engaged with the food bank.

While researching the root causes of hunger in developing nations, Pascal discovered the power and unique advantages of educating teenage girls. Amazingly, an educated teenage girl can end the cycle of hunger for her family in one generation by marrying later, having fewer children, and earning higher wages. Furthermore, educating girls greatly reduces their risk of contracting HIV, dying during childbirth, and suffering a host of often fatal hunger-related diseases.

Pascal was compelled to save these girls and founded an organization to help. She explained, “Earlier this year, I launched a nonprofit organization called Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger, Inc. The purpose of the organization is twofold: to inform the public of the power of educating girls and to raise funds to support organizations that educate impoverished girls in developing nations.”

Pascal plans to raise funds through a variety of community events. The next upcoming event is the Educate Girls Superhero 5K Race at Monocacy Village in Frederick, Maryland, on Nov. 10. The event will begin with a 1K Fun Run at 9:30 a.m. for children followed by a 5K Race at 10 a.m. to allow neighbors of all ages to hone their athletic skills while helping to educate girls in developing nations. As Pascal explained, “I am so excited about the Educate Girls Superhero 5K Race because we will be engaging in a healthful activity with our local neighbors while raising funds to enable the health of our neighbors across the globe. It will be another example of how charity begins at home and then reaches across the globe, as I explain on my website EducateGirlsToEradicateHunger.org.” To register for the Educate Girls Superhero 5K Race go to EducateGirlsToEradicateHunger.org/5k-race.


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