Vandals Deface VOU Sport Courts

Vandalism at VOU sport courts.

Community Plans National Night Out Event

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about graffiti found on the basketball court in Villages of Urbana July 19 and the investigation is ongoing, according to Cpl. Jennifer Bailey, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department.

Spray paint was used to deface the backboards of the two basketball hoops as well as a portion of the court’s surface.

Police canvassed the area and have no suspects in the incident.

At the press time the VOU management company did not have an estimate of the cost of the damage.

VOU isn’t the only Urbana neighborhood hit with vandalism. In Sugarloaf Estates vandalism is becoming an all too often occurrence, said resident Saskia Van Oot. “It started with mailboxes being ripped up and tossed around, houses egged, driveway lights stolen. Now it has escalated to a woman who was seen in a van looking in mailboxes.

“Sadly, this little community that I used to brag how we leave the keys in the cars and don’t lock our doors has changed,” she said.

Both communities are taking action, and the VOU neighborhood watch plans to set up shop at the community pool in observance of National Night Out August 3, 7:30 – 9 p.m. as part of an awareness campaign.

In addition, Sugarloaf Estates is re-launching its neighborhood watch program, and organizers are seeking residents to join the watch.

Anyone with information regarding the VOU vandalism is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 301.600.1046.

For more information on the Sugarloaf Estates neighborhood watch:


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