Young Urges Residents: ‘Live within your Means’

Blaine Young

He’s for smaller government, tax relief and, frankly, “stirring things up a bit.”

Current Frederick Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) Blaine Young of Monrovia is concerned that the county’s revenue, which has already taken major financial hits, will undoubtedly sustain more as the state continues to make cuts.

That’s one reason he would like another shot at a seat on the BOCC.

The southern Frederick County homeowner wants to see essential services residents count on every day such as police protection, a sound water system and reliable trash pick-up unaffected by a county strapped for cash.

As the owner of several small businesses, Young, a Republican, is an ally of other such business owners — friends he has met in the community through LUYAA — because he is witnessing their financial struggles increasing.

“I care about this issue very much,” he said. “I took to these small business owners. I understand what is going on — people are making much less money.”

County roads, especially in Urbana, require much more thought. “We need to see that the road system is adequate. We will need a board of county commissioners willing to work together — one voice in local government. Roads are not a partisan issue.”

As the father of four children, Young says he will do his best to see that the county’s education system remains one of the state’s best and that the current level of social services being offered will continue to serve those who are in need.

“Now it will be a challenge for the board of county commissioners to do this without raising taxes,” said Young. But the commissioner is asserting that raising taxes is the wrong move to make.

“That is why I want to be part of policy-making decisions,” he said.

For the sake of these programs, Young is calling on residents to change their spending habits. “Live within your means,” he said.

He is also urging local opposition groups to continue their fight against PATH. “I have a lot of concern. Make your voice heard by the federal government. We need to make sure other options are explored.”

If he is one of the top vote-getters this fall, Young says he will most definitely end his time in office after serving out his term so he can spend more time with his family and grow his businesses.

“I want to be at the table,” he said. “Not to be disruptive, but we can’t just continue to do things like we are doing now. It is just getting worse. We need new ideas.”

Young encouraged those with comments to e-mail him at

More information about his campaign can be found at:


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