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Thanks for Voice on Sexual Assault

Dear Bethany,

I read the article “Local Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault” in the Urbana Town Courier and found it thoroughly interesting.

Today, sexual assault is such a prevalent problem yet nobody talks about it. In other words, it is one of those topics that is kept “hush hush,” it is viewed more as an indiscretion rather than a national problem by both victims and civilians. I am a student at James Madison University and for educational purposes every student must complete a course in sexual assault, known as Haven. It was justly informative and purposeful, yet after it was over that was the last I heard of it. However, one in four females on a college campus are reported to be sexually assaulted, the national average ranges from 20-25 percent. In addition, fewer than 5 percent of females who are victims of rape or attempted rape report it to authorities. It is quite disturbing to know I have a greater chance of being raped and remaining silent than I do speaking up about it. In the article, Brigadier General Linda Singh, an Assistant Adjutant General in the Maryland Army National Guard, speaks up about sexual assault. She states, “We have to make people aware… young people often don’t understand when they’ve crossed a boundary and invaded someone’s space.” Although Haven serves to alert most college students to the issue, I believe it is going to take more people like Singh to be willing to use their voices in order to bring further awareness and put an end to sexual assault.


Kate Formeller, a 2014 graduate of Urbana High School and freshman at James Madison University


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