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Kentlands Hero Remembered

Kentlands lost one of its unsung heroes Thursday, April 27. John Carman was the president of Rodgers Consulting who did the civil engineering work for Kentlands and Lakelands. Before New Urbanism was called New Urbanism, John’s staff sweated the details of how to engineer the new, walkable neighborhoods we all call home. In those early days when I first opened DPZ’s office in Gaithersburg, John offered me a cubicle next to his lead engineer to get things started. This resulted in a great working relationship with DPZ and the crew at Rodgers. John took a keen interest in how I was building DPZ’s office here and when I left DPZ nearly 20 years later, that interest extended to the growth and development of my own practice. John was an exemplary professional who improved the quality of life for many, myself included.

—Mike Watkins
Michael Watkins Architect, LLC
330 Firehouse Lane