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Raises for Some

To the Editor:

It was with dismay that I read [the] article, [“Raises for Some at City Hall,” Vol. 7, No. 17, Sept. 10, 2010, page 1].

The September 12, 2007, Sunday Washington Post “Business” section (page G3) stated that salary surveys indicate employers are projecting median salary increases of about 3 percent for average employees and 4.5 percent for employees with the highest performance ratings.

Apparently officials in Gaithersburg don’t read the business section, nor do they keep up with salary trends. Why should they? They are spending our money, not their own!

The Gaithersburg community and public relations director saw her salary increase by $10,000 or 10 percent due to “increased responsibilities.” Most employees I know accept additional responsibilities with no pay increase because they are happy to keep their job!

The city attorney received a $25,000 raise (approximately 20 percent) in 2009 because of “fear the city would lose her to another municipality.” Now at $145,000 she is one of the city’s highest paid employees. Since they couldn’t grant her another raise, she received an additional two weeks annual leave (which equates to approximately $5,500) plus an additional 5 percent city contribution to her retirement plan (equal to approximately $7,000). Bingo, $12,500 increased compensation — is that 8 percent?

Frankly, I am offended the Mayor and City Council approved such increases and in my opinion skirted their fiscal responsibilities! I urge all residents to remember these actions with our money at election time.

— Virginia Pisarra